Creating Shared Value and Measuring What Matters

I have the privilege of being on the panel of a roundtable via FOCUS on Shared Value and Enterprise Performance Management on Tuesday March 15 at 11am PST and 2pm EST.

We  will discuss topics including…

  • Measuring what really matters
  • How Shared Value focuses companies on the right kind of profits
  • How to build a roadmap to measure and manage results across disciplines and throughout your value cycle

Ron Dimon, Managing Partner of Business Foundation will be hosting and the panel includes…

  • Long time EPM practitioner Rick Cadman
  • Moi… Change maker and Customer Experience Pioneer
  • Managing Director of and Senior Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School, Mark Kramer

Please join us if you can!

Passion Profile Featuring Ron Dimon

I am very excited to be featuring Ron Dimon for my February 2011 Passion Profile.  This monthly tradition was inspired by Twitter’s Follow Friday ritual where I share a little with you about the people I admire and follow.  Ron is a Managing Partner and Vice President of Consulting at the Business Foundation.   Unlike my previous Passion Profiles, I have the privilege of knowing Ron beyond our twitter-sphere.  I would describe him as both brilliant and highly creative, but what strikes me most about Ron is his authenticity.  He is insightful and a communication whisperer of sorts, he has truly mastered the art of listening and engaging .

Dawna: What are you most passionate about? And why?

Ron: At a high-level, my biggest passion and every-day concern is being a contribution.  This includes to my friends & family, my community, my clients and my industry.

More specifically it’s about Enterprise Performance Management and Shared Value.  This means helping organizations to integrate their day-to-day business functions, like Sales & Marketing, Customer Support, Operations, Finance, HR & IT, with the concerns of their extended stakeholders – like their customer well-being, the viability of their suppliers, and their community and environmental impact.  It helps answer the questions “what do we want to do & how do we do it,” “how did we actually do & why,” and “how can we improve, share value, and make a difference?”

Dawna: What are 5 traits those that know you best would use to describe you?

Ron: Generous (helpful), responsible (reliable), creative (funny), and unable to count very well.  How about “a restless learning sponge?”

And just to bring a sense of balance to my life, my sister describes me as “an idiot.”  Of course, she describes all 4 of her brothers that way, and we still love her.

Dawna: What qualities do you most admire in others?

Ron: Passion (and enrollment), a bias for action, openness to new ideas & new perspectives. And a sense of humor or fun that can forward the action.

I also admire people who actually do what they said they were going to do.

Dawna: What accomplishment are you most proud of?

Ron: That I had some part in my kids – son Harry (23) and daughter Ruth (16) – being extraordinary people who have their own contributions to give the world.

Dawna: What is your top goal for 2011?

Ron: To transform Enterprise Performance Management and Shared Value from new idea to common business practice.  We are getting to that tipping point and my job is to just push a little harder!

Ron, you are a breath of fresh air and I am honoured to know you both as a professional and personal friend.

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